The Australian Curriculum is taught in our school. 

We use the curriculum to: 

  • plan student learning 
  • monitor and assess student progress 
  • report student progress to parents 
  • support student wellbeing.

The curriculum learning areas are: 

  • English  
  • mathematics  
  • science  
  • humanities and social sciences – history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship 
  • the arts – dance, drama, music, media arts, visual arts 
  • technologies – design and technologies, digital technologies 
  • health and physical education  
  • languages.

Visit curriculum in South Australia for more information.

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS: CPC) is required for all children and young people in our school. It’s taught each year by teachers who have completed a full-day KS: CPC training course.  

It teaches children to: 

  • recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult about it 
  • understand what touching is appropriate and inappropriate  
  • understand ways of keeping themselves safe.

Visit Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum information for parents and carers for more information. 

Berry Street Education Model

The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) is a whole school, trauma-informed framework that supports the wellbeing and engagement of all students.

Since implementing the BSEM approach, we have seen:

  • greater student engagement and positive behaviour
  • calm learning environments
  • increase in students being ‘ready to learn’
  • an increase in staff and student wellbeing
  • improvements in student self-regulation, relationships and academic growth.

Classroom and yard expectations

We have established a set of common classroom and yard expectations that are embedded across our school. Having a common language across the site provides students with consistent and predictable expectations.

Classroom expectations

  • We track the speaker
  • We follow instructions immediately
  • We focus on our own learning
  • We move safely at all times
  • We respect others and all property

Yard expectations

  • We eat in the lunch shed
  • We follow instructions immediately
  • We move safely at all times
  • We wear a hat or stay under a covered structure
  • We respect others and all property