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School Council

Set Broad Direction (In conjunction with the Site Leader)

The school council identifies and incorporates, where possible, student, parent and community input and values into the broad direction of the school. The principal/preschool director brings the staff perspective to these undertakings. The broad direction may include a future vision, a statement of purpose and a set of values that clearly focus on improving student learning.

Develop Broad Directional Policy

The School Council develops broad policy statements that facilitate the achievement of the school vision and broad direction.

Initiate and Approve Recommendations and Strategies

All recommendations must conform with government policy, industrial agreements, DfE policy and direction and site decision making structures.

Other roles of School Council include:

  • Monitoring progress of site budget and plans
  • Report Progress through the Annual Report to the school community.
Our School Council members 2022
Nathan Taylor – Site Leader
Emma Hansen – Chairperson
Christine Prior – Council member
Kylie Galea – Council member
James Galea – Council Member
Nathan Hunter – School Representative.

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