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We want to engage and prepare our young people for the future, building a positive community of learners, who strive to do their best, work well with a variety of other people and build resilient attitudes and skillsets to deal with challenges they face. In order for us to have an effective curriculum we demand good behaviour from everyone at our site and will support students by teaching them what this looks like.

All our Teachers use:

  • the Australian Curriculum 
  • Teaching for Effective Learning (a pedagogical framework which reflects the way we teach)
  • Latest educational research to shape learning that best meets the needs of our young people of today

Our aim is that students do the hard thinking and establish a love of learning!

Pedagogy is how we teach and at Murray Bridge South Primary School, we aim to be a high performing school using effective, research based teaching practices to gain the greatest learning effect size we can for every student.

Walking through our school you will notice:

  • a positive learning environment built upon respect and understanding of the schools expectations
  • teachers collaboratively planning and teaching, drawing upon each other’s strengths
  • teachers and students asking students questions to draw out their thinking
  • students building a strong work ethic
  • student dialogue through questioning and conversations about their learning
  • students learning and using technology with meaningful interactions in its various forms
  • students being given time to practice and build their knowledge
  • students being challenged
  • students reflecting on their learning ( eg I can…, I am learning…, I still need more teaching on …, I wonder… )

We seek to nurture a student’s strengths and interests and bridge misconceptions and learning gaps within a curriculum framework that covers the eight nationally recognised key learning areas.

What are the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum?

From the first year of schooling to Year 6, students develop knowledge and skills in eight learning areas:




HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)


The Arts

Health and Physical Education

How is the Australian Curriculum organised?

There are three dimensions in the Australian Curriculum:

Learning Areas

General Capabilities

Cross-curriculum Priorities

Where can I find more information on the Australian Curriculum?

Find more information about the Australian Curriculum on the ‘Parents’ page of the Australian Curriculum website.

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